Property Management Strategist

Having issues with staff? Getting a building to get out of occupancy issues?
How do you get to positive Net Operating Income and zero delinquency?

Those are the issues that Property Managers are consistently struggling with and there’s no training. I am here to help those that have been part of the sink or swim mentality. If you’re a Mom and Pop shop this is the place for you as well because you are leaving money on the table all day long. I also take appointments, for those struggling and need more 1 on 1 training. I look forward to seeing your property soar!

Build, Bond, Brand

A team is more than just the building they are in. If a team doesn’t bond they can’t produce. Branding digging in deep for optimum growth

$1,000,000 in one day for your property!

Do you know what Market Value add is? Can you speak intelligently on the subject? This is how to knock the socks off your asset manager and owner by speaking their secret love language…money!


The struggles of getting your occupancy up, maintaining occupancy and pushing rents!


How to push rents while increasing resident retention strategies.

Accounting and Delinquency

How to scrub books, get to zero delinquency and positive NOI

“I’ve worked with Janet on 3 projects. Her management style is level headed, sees what needs to be done and executes. Her teams work efficiently on their own and are energetic to be around.”

– Ernie

“I have been through 3 team builds with Janet. Each one unique. She understands team dynamics and how to get a team to work together.”

– Eloise

“Janet took over our building and within one month the staff was transformed. She breaks down what is needed, organizes and applies strategies to build an award winning team.”

– Magdy

Let’s start working on your property needs today!