I am Janet Sprissler, Property Management Strategist. I have made a career out of taking over struggling buildings and turning them into profitable sites. My scrub down techniques, teams and branding powers along with the psychological close factors that go into every building has made the owners I’ve worked with over millions of dollars. My trainings include teams, market value adds, scrubbing books and really learning how to drill down a property. I have worked on Mom and Pop properties, High Rises and Garden style each needing a thorough understanding of the 3 P’s of property management (People, Product, Pricing)

As a Manager I realized that most of the time anyone that starts in property management either sinks or swims. It’s on the job training 101, unfortunately most end up sinking while taking the property down with it. I want to help stop the damage that inexperienced managers make on a daily basis. This is for those managers that have gotten in over their head and don’t want to lose their jobs. Why be a Manager getting lost in the daily mindset and losing track of what needed to be done when you can find it all here. I have designed these courses with you in mind.

I offer online courses, one on one mentoring, and property site visits. Enjoy! Today you learn how to swim!