Janet Sprissler

Property Management Team Strategist

Janet Sprissler

Janet Sprissler has been in property managment since 1998.  Janet is known for ‘fixing’ buildings that are not profitable.  In her journey she realized that biggest issues that properties and teams faced was how to get into the business and training.  There isn’t any factual hands on training when it comes to property management.  Janet is now sharing her knowledge from breaking into property management to becoming a Manager of an ward winning Team.

Janet’s Story

Janet Sprissler was born in Philadelphia then transplanted in her  school years to Mishawaka, Indiana (Go Irish) .  Her mixture of common sense and integrity living lead to traveling the country to finally landing in Los Angeles.  Janet went on to adopt two brothers and move to Ventura County where she currently resides with them.    Janet also has a love for philanthropy with children’s charities and rescue animals.  Janet’s belief of serving others first is a testimonal to how she lives her life and charges on to make a difference in the world.


To leave communities better than when found.  To teach, to learn, to grow anyone that crosses my path so that they can carry on a vision of integrity, honesty based on a solid foundation of knowledge which always makes the next day better and the world a little brighter.

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