Speaking Engagements:

Hire Janet to coach your Manager and team members!

Leasing topics include:

  • How to close the prospect
  • How to become an Award winning leasing agent
  • How to thrive in property management

Management topics include:

  • How to keep burn out from happening with your staff
  • How to get better engagement within your community
  • How to increase Net Operating Income. 

Testimonals from happy clients!

I’ve had the pleasure to work with many professionals but Janet is special!
-Dr. Brittney

I am honored to have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and clarity on my ideas and the direction I should be following.  Thanks again girl!                             -Dee


Are you not sure what is happening on your property?  Janet has a great way of diving in and seeing how you can apply her principals to turning your property from being in the red to into the black.

Need one on one coaching with new Managers to understand your brand worth?


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