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Why A Career In Property Management?

There are a lot of benefits to property management careers

  • Earnings of up to six figures
  • Any time a complex is over 16 units, someone is required to live on site – sometimes this is free housing!
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • High school graduate or GED certificate
  • Valid driver’s license required

There are several types of property management careers: Managers,  Assistant Managers, Leasing Agents, Service Supervisors, Maintenance Technicians, Porters, Groundskeepers, and Housekeepers.

A career in property management is truly one of the best kept secrets!

The possibilities are endless!  Can it be that simple?  Yes, it is!

 Upon completion of high school or if you are going to college, the  jobs for which you are most qualified are basic entry level positions:  servers, baristas, bank tellers, etc.

Yes, those jobs are available to you with an hourly wage, an inconvenient schedule, no chance for promotion and no incentive to get out of bed in the morning.

But what if you could get your hourly wage, free housing, and commission checks?  Not a believer? Let’s see what other people have to say.

“I started as a temporary help and met Janet Sprissler.  Janet immediately said I had the ability to make money in property management.  I had no idea how much that was, but I soon learned it was fun to go to a job where I was meeting people and had a great apartment attached to the job.  I haven’t paid rent in over 5 years!  Besides my base pay rate, I have found the commission makes me in charge how much money I make!  And it’s the only job that other companies will come and try to steal you!  The training I received from Janet Sprissler helped me to succeed in property management.” Eloise Simmons

Leasing Professional, Pinnacle Property Management





How can these courses empower you?

When you start a career in property management you have the flexibility to advance, housing, commissions and even the ability to transfer to anywhere your company is growing!

    • Can you imagine not having to pay rent?
    • Zero commute time?
    • Living where ever you want because you are a sought after leasing agent or property manager?

You have to start gaining the knowledge and these courses teach the secrets of solidly closing, becoming an award-winning team member and recognition in the industry for your contribution. Now if you combine all of that with the knowledge of what owners are looking for in their teams, you have now set yourself apart!

Janet Sprissler has been in property management for twenty years.  She is bringing her award winning management style to those trying to break in to the property management realm as well as those  who want to up level current staff to their desired position. In her years, Janet’s positions have always centered around rescuing properties that were not producing until a unified team was in place.  Perhaps your property is a residential rental and you know you’re losing money – but where?  Learn the “multi-family residential secrets” and how they can impact your rental property.






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