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How can these courses empower you?

You have to start gaining the knowledge and these courses teach the secrets of solidly closing, proper planning with implementation and recognition in the industry for your contribution. Now if you combine all of that with the knowledge of what owners are looking for to take over their property, you have now set yourself apart to be a property manager!

Single Family Property Managers

Getting new properties can be quite easy, keeping them is the hard part.  Don’t let frustration overwhelm you! Let’s set your company up for success.  Grab your free 5 EASY WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR REVENUE HERE! 


Multi-family Team Members

There are no “here’s how” training to become an property manager.  Let’s teach you to WOW your team and your ownership, Start by getting your copy of the year of WOW resident events to get you started!

Learn How to Be a Leader

A bad leader will kill a team.  There’s more to leading then just barking orders and  micromanaging your team.  This leadership course is for those who want a smooth operations team that achieve results to stop team turnover.

Janet Sprissler

Janet Sprissler

CEO of Janet Sprissler LLC

Janet Sprissler has been in property management for over 20 years in Multi-family. She made her move into Single Family companies when she realized that revenue was being lost. Janet teaches companies how to set up and implement systems in business, team management and closing the deal.


Janet Sprissler is the epitome of a wonderful authentic coach.  She took the time to listen to all of my needs and concerns.  Not only did she provide me with guidance, we also went over  strategy and she connected me with tools and resources.  She helped me to move towards my goals.  I would recommend her in a heart beat.

Breanna Sherman


I worked with Janet Sprissler on several properties.  She knows how to make the right decision to get the most out of a property.  She trains teams to also make the right decision so that residents are never confused or think they will get another answer.  She empowers teams and believes that every team member can be a manager.

Ernia Rojas

Owner, ERL LLC

Janet Sprissler always takes the time to help me move forward in my career.  I went from starting as temporary help when I was laid off from my job to leasing with in a few weeks.  Janet trained me to be a top closer for my company.  She also trained me how to deal with co-workers so that they are consistantly motivated.

Eloise Simmons

Leasing Manager

Why Property Management?

  • Earnings of up to six figures
  • Leadership in a fast pace industry
  • No college education required
  • You set your expectations
  • Knowledge equals money!

Let's Work together.

Don’t let another day go by where you are wondering: how do I get started in property management?  How do I get promoted to a manager?  Or the worst case scenario, my systems are a mess. You are stuck in my business and not in your zone of genius to grow your business. Let’s get you automated and free from being chained down with the things you don’t want to do!