Hey, I’m Janet

When I first walked into my property management company it was shit show. When clients walked in there was no clear welcoming process, the managers were drowning in chaos and disorganization, and there was an overall stressful, debbie downer environment. This created a ripple effect throughout the company negativity impacting their productivity and profitability.


I knew this couldn’t go on anymore and there had to be a better way, so I took matters into my own hands. I moved furniture around to create a more pleasant atmosphere for employees and customers. I went above and beyond and created workshops to help the teams become empowered in their jobs- this transformed the overall mood in the office to a more upbeat one.


As a result- people started showing up happier to work, they became better at creating a positive customer experience, the team retention increased which reduced turnover, more people started contributing to improve the customer journey. And as I expected, the profitability of the company went up – there was a 36% increase in net operating income.   


Because of the powerful transformation this company experienced with my strategies, I’m now passionate about bringing organized leadership to more companies. If you would like your company to have happy staff, reduced turnover, and increased profitability, contact me below and let’s get started.