Janet Can Help You With Your Property Management Business!

Do you have problems with your accounting? Do you need help coaching your team? Are you stuck in your property management business and need help getting to the next level? No Problem! Book a time with me or send me a message and let’s see how I can help!

Have Janet Look Over your Books with Accounting 911!

Accounting Includes:

-Learning how to read your ledgers

-How to explain an owners statement

-How to set up your PM accounting schedule

Do you need a deeper dive:

-Set up a 1 hour consultation to go over your software

-Learn how to automate your accounting

-How to properly charge out dispositions

Hire Janet to Give Speaking Engagements!

Leasing Topics Include:

-How to close the prospect without selling

-Stop the burnout: how to thrive in Property Management

-How to get into a relationship with the prospect

Management topics include:

-How to keep burn out from happening with your staff

-How to get better engagement within your community

-How to increase Net Operating Income

Hire Janet to do Property Inspections

Only in Inland Empire, Bakersfield, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties of Southern California

-Turnover cost breakdown

-Pre-move out inspections

-Final move out inspection with tenant and costs involved

Preventative Maintenance:

-Annual inspections

-Life and Safety inspections

-Inspect and Fix items with a certified General Contractor

I am honored to have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and clarity on my ideas and the direction I should be following. Thanks again Janet!

Dee Melendez

Private Consultations and Coaching with Janet!

Why coaching:

-Learn what you need to know before you hire a VA

-Learn what you should look for in a bookkeeper

-Find out why you aren’t growing like you want to

Corporate consultations include:

-Stopping turnover with better Leadership

-How to get your community noticed 

-How to increase Net Operating Income

Have Janet Coach your Manager and Team Members!

Leasing Topics Include:

-How to close the prospect

-How to work together for optimized team work

-How to have a happy community

Management topics include:

-Leadership building an award winning team

-How to get more positive reviews

-Bonuses:  how to always succeed!

Any questions or other Inquires? Drop a message and we’ll get back to you!

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I’ve had the pleasure to work with many professionals, but Janet is special!

Dr. Brittany Toole

Chiropractor and Probate Realtor