Market Value in Property Management:

Learn how owners want to be talked to and what words them take notice of you!

Market Value:

* Increases property worth
* Shows award winning leadership qualities
* Changes the way you will value your decisions

   Will turn the heads of  your ownership!

Talking to ownership can be very scary!  Your not sure what you should or shouldn’t say to come off as not knowing your property?  Have you wondered how to get them to take notice and think about you for that next promotion?  Therefore, it’s time to break the mold and give you the leg up on your peers.  Begin now to  learn all about MARKET VALUE!

In this 60 minute webinar I teach you how to look at your income and expenses, then how to have those conversations with owners, and executives to knock their socks off.  This is for the person (service and leasing) who want to know exactly how much their ideas can improve the value of the property and how they can light a fire under ownership to take notice of their own personal worth!

Let’s get your wow factor as a team member to award winning status!

 Friday, September 21 at 2pm PST!

Friday, September 28 at 2pm PST!

This class is a steal at only $10 for a live webinar! 

Now wait..I forgot my disclaimer:

This course is not for anyone that is afraid to think outside the box, afraid to try new ideas, or think that they’ve heard it all. This is a kick in the pants to get you noticed and more successful at your job. Get ready for award season because it’s about to go down!

Here’s what you don’t have to be:

  • Perfect
  • Best Dressed
  • Perfect

Here’s what you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Enthusiasm
  • Numbers on any items you’ve saved money or added income on!