It’s your time!

Whether you’re in the property management business or starting, you want and need to make more money, get the awards you deserve and be promoted!  That is what I teach!  It’s your time to shine!  Let’s get to work!

I want a job in Property Management!

Are you ready for an exciting career that can get you the money you want and deserve?  The first step is a great resume’. This is a how to step by step resume’ course that gets you the interview!  Get your brand new resume’ in an hour!

I need more commission!

Are you tired of not making enough money?  Do you know most top leasing agents make more than their managers?  You just have to know the closing techniques to get you more leases.  I can teach you how to increase your commission in a weekend!

How to become an award winning Manager!

What’s the next step? Learn the basic vocabulary to speak the “ownership” language, how to interact with accountants,  regional mangers, asset managers and ownership. Understand variance reporting and interpret all the reporting that is necessary for a manager to know.  Do you know how to lead a successful team?  I have the road map to your success!  Let me show you how to get to the next level as a award winning manager!






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