Resume’ building at it’s finest!

Whether in the business or starting: I’ve heard time and time again from HR folks all the “words” get you seen.  But when it comes to a owners they want to know you understand their language and that is based in fact not fiction.  My course teaches you how to get in the door!  (along with some bonus Interview techniques!)  I share all the secrets here.

Leasing Agents

Does sometimes leasing feel icky?  You’ve been told high pressure sales gets the job done?  Or there is a secret shop coming and how do you get the perfect score?  And all in all how do you not get sued for Fair Housing? First off let me say “You’re awesome!”.  I know Managers don’t ever take the time to tell you how you are keeping the property alive.  You are the first person they see and can make or break a business.  I personally just want you to make more money.  I see you!  I see how brilliant and capable you are!  So let’s make more money.  In my leasing course you will learn 1) Service not sales to lead to more commissions 2) how to get into a relationship with you client 3) How to set yourself apart from the competition!

I need more commission!

Are you tired of not making enough?  Do you know most top leasing agents make more than Managers?  Let’s get you there!

I want to be a 6 figure Manager!

Want to learn how to become a Manager?  Tired of the daily grind and no one has time to teach you.  Let me take you to MANAGEMENT! Get seen and be award winning!  I see you and want you to be seen!

Be an award winning Manager!

But it doesn’t have to be.  Do you find that the staff doesn’t want to be a part of the team?  Gossiping? Not following direction?  Tired of the pressure to perform?  I understand the pressure!  When someone is knocking you down to perform the way they want you to, but they are not on site, or never have been on site.  It’s your time.  Let me show you how to get to the next level as a award winning manager!

Stay in touch for the latest and greatest in Property Management

In property management you don’t want to be the last to know what legislation is passing, or maybe you need a refresher on a current hot topic.  Keep in touch with me.  I would love to be able to keep you ahead of the game!